Frequently asked questions

1. I have purchased the Best Insta Bot. How can I get updates?

Please send us your transaction details to our support email : We will send you the latest version.

2. Could I be banned from instagram if I put  too much likes?

No,  We have put some resting periods for like function.

3.How many computers can I use this on?

Currently, you can only use on one computer per license.

4. I wanted to ask you how do you login onto a different account. When I press logout and then login it automatically logs into the first account. 

We have detected this problem in version 4.4 and it is now fixed.

The thing I do:

1:I Log In
2. I click on follow everyone on this page (followgram)
3. search for a person:
4. Find the person and the numbers of followers/followings.

5. I Click on followers ect. but then they kick me back to the search user and photos. No followers list is loading in front of me.

click on a user(person) and click view all photos then click on followers/followings (Figure 1) after page is loaded click on  follow everyone on this page (followgram) on the bot. 


Figure 1

Can I get a trial version?
since we get a lot of trial requests which is hard to handle, currently we do not provide a trial version. Please see our reviews under best insta bot details. Software works great and we bring updates often to keep it always working even the instagram update their site.

How does like favourite hash tags work?.

Simply like all the pictures in the first page of the hash tag. And move on to the next hash tag. It will loop through the list and like all of the new pictures.

You should make sure to add popular hash tags so always there will be new pictures to like.

What is the difference between Best Insta Bot, Insta Like Booster and Insta Mass Bot?

They are all different.

Best Insta Bot : you can auto follow, Like, Comment with your account to get followers

Insta Mass Bot : If you have thousands of Instagram accounts, You can make all of them follow an account you specify. This bot is for those who sell followers.

Insta Like Booster : Bot tags your photos to most visited tags and gets likes and followers.

Insta Like Booster is recommended for you, You can easily have 100- 300 likes to each of your photos. If you are using Best Insta Bot, there is a  high chance of getting follow backs if your photos have lot of likes.
Is there any Instagram bot for mac?
All our softwares are for Windows.
However there are some users using the software on Mac my installing it on a Windows virtual Machine. You can easily setup a windows virtual machine on Mac. You will find a lot of tutorials out there. Once you setup it, you can install almost any windows applications.
if i purchase the BEST INSTAGRAM BOT , and say i upload a picture and as soon as i do can i get like 1000 likes within minutes?
To get likes you need to buy our Insta Like Booster. It will get about 100 likes for each in first run, You can run the bot over and over again to reach 1000 likes.
I like what I’ve read on your site about the “best insta bot”. My question is how do I receive the software? Do you mail it to me?In addition I had a program like this earlier in the year & Instagram shut it down.How do I know if your program will work? As Instagram makes updates, how will it impact your service?
We will send you a unique download link after you purchase. Our software has been up and running since April 2012. We bring updates often to fit with instagram changes and also to fix bugs. You will receive all the updates free.