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Payment Option 1

You can pay with PayPal and credit cards

Payment Option 2- Receive  Invoice

Email us ( your First NameLast Name , Email Address and the name of the software you want to buy (eg: Best Insta Bot), Then we will send you an Invoice which can be paid via You can pay by paypal or any other payment methods accepts.

Payment Option 3 – (

This payment method is currently not available. Please use Payment Option 1 above. accepts Paypal. If you want to pay with paypal, use this payment option.

To pay by freelancer,

  1. Click here & make a project with  price in USD (Select hourly project option if software price is less than 30) . and Software name as the description.
  2. After creating the project on create a milestone payment
 if software price is less than 30 please create a milestone payment of 1$ less than the full amount (Eg: If the price of the software is 15 $ create a milestone of 14 $) .

Milestone payment will be locked (escrow) on and you can release it after you received the Bot/Software. So there is no risk of losing your money.

Please note that we do not accept projects without milestone created. we only accept projects of serious buyers.

See reviews we’ve got from previous buyer on

Read about Employer – Milestone on FAQs to learn more about how milestone payments works.

We will guide you with downloading the software and releasing the payments.

If it is a custom Bot please first contact with your requirements via

Payment Option 4 – (Liberty Reserve)


To buy with Liberty Reserve please click on the  Liberty Reserve icon above and make the payment of corresponding amount. Please specify the  amount and software name as in the bot description .