Does Buying instagram Followers Help? Pros and Cons



Most of the followers suppliers provide only fake followers. They have bunch of instagram accounts created using a software and when you order followers, They another software to make those instagram accounts automatically follow your account. These are only ghost followers, and totally fake. You will never get a like from them, Actually you just bought a number!

These fake accounts they use to follow your account may eventually get banned by instagram and you will start losing your followers. Instagram has ways to detect fake accounts and they will ban them to avoid abusing their system.

If your final goal is to make your products more popular and increase your sales, Buying fake followers will never going to help because no real humans see your posts.


Buying instagram Followers will only increase your followers count.

However buying some really high amount of instagram followers may motivate other real instagram users to follow you.



You can get a software like Best Insta Bot or Insta Like Booster, which are built to get real instagram followers.