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Do you need more followers to your instagram? Then this is the perfect tool for you. You can gain active and real human followers with this software.  No fake, computer generated followers. You will get only real people following you.
If you want to promote your products on instagram do not buy fake followers because it will only increase your followers count not your sales, also fake accounts may get suspended by instagram eventually and you will lose followers
What this software does is automatically engaging with instagram users related to your business, Liking pictures in hashtags you specify and also following people. When you follow them people will look into your instagram profile. They may follow you, like your photos and may even check out the products you are promoting. 
All you have to do is start the task you like and leave the bot, get some rest, bot will do all the stuff like you are using instagram. You will see increase of your followers, likes and comments. For example you can make bot follow people who have tag their photos to #followback #followme #follow4follow #teamfollowback etc. These people will follow you back after bot followed them.
Our instagram bot has been up and running over an year now, we keep best insta bot always updated and add new features in each update. We are happy to provide our service continuously to thousands of our best insta bot customers  all over the world. 
Version  :  5.0.2 Update Released Date : September 12, 2013

Price : 49 USD

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Automate Tasks in instagram with the Bot

  • Fully automated like on multiple hashtags  – loop overnight
  • Follow people in a followers/followings list of a user or in a specific hash tag search.
  • Follow Popular – Follows  people who were active within last  few minutes. 
  • Fully automated mode  – With this mode you can make the Bot start automatically on system start-up everyday.  It  follows automatically and gain followers even if you forget to run the bot.
  • Auto Follow
  • follow people in specific harsh tag search results.
  • follow people in any page
  • Auto unfollow
  • Unfollow everyone
  • High speed Unfollow everyone using webstagram (10x faster)
  • Auto like
  • Like Pictures under specific harsh tag Search
  • Like Pictures in any page
  • Like back
  • Follow using followgram (5x faster)
  • Like using followgrm
  • Multiple Like 
  • Follow who follows me 
  • Auto Comment
  • Easily Switch between your instagram accounts
  • Smart Like
  • Follow and Like  – Follows people while liking one of their photos or videos


  • Ability to run the bot overnight (Loop Mode)
  • Ability Run for multiple accounts
  • Ability Run Multiple Instances 
  • Search #tag
  • Speed change ability
  • 100 per minute fast unfollwing
  • Task Bar notifications when tasks finished
  • Gain quick follow backs by  Following active & online users.
  • Smart Follow 

Other Facilities

  • Developer support
  • Free Updates
  • User Guide PDF 


  • Windows Xp, Vista, 7 , 8

Buyers Reviews

““ Excellent developer and highly recommended – produces great software![January 15th, 2013]: Great developer, I definitely recommend. ”  MadRogThailand [on January 15th, 2013]

” I’ve got 9,000 followers in two weeks. also got so many likes and comments. This piece of software worth hundred times more than  its price. Highly recommended”  – shadow k lesh

“Glad I found this site, My friends wasted too much money for some other bots . But I got more followers than them using this bot. This is the BEST INSTA BOT. Thanks for making this” – Joe brooks

“Got so much likes on my photos with Best Insta bot. I’m gonna love it” – acdmy

“hey there. I bought this bot 2 weeks ago …….. Thanks so much. This truly has changed my life. You guys are awesome! :)” – Abdullah

” ………. im very happy with your program,thank you very much for making this program. have a nice day..” – Mehmet

“Initially, I was afraid to purchase your bot because it could be scam. However, Thanks, it was a right decision to make. Your bot program is very easy to use and working perfectly. Good job ! ” – Henry [on 30.07.2012]

“ Awesome Customer Service and Program ” – anthony [on 27.09.2012]
 “Thank you!you the best! ” – icetool [on 01.10.2012]
 “ Awesome guys! ” – dallaspeepsUnited States [on 07.10.2012]
“ Got the software as promised. Testing now – looks good! ”- ostheimer [on 15.10.2012]
“ It took only 5 minutes! Perfect! ”- eckinyilmazTurkey
“ Great! Highly professional work. Will do business again. ”- ShturrrmanRussian Federation
“ Excellent product. It’s not magic, but it’s a tool that will definitely help you if used correctly. Great communication and will send you updates when available. ” – wdmncoUnited States
  “I got it working good on my virtual machine on my mac lol” – designerdevv [on 12.12.2012]
“thanks – I love the bot and have gotten 2 friends to purchase it!”
“I have always contacted you before via email for the new product update and have been extremely satisfied! always gotten a reply within 24-48 hours!” – Minori

Best Insta Bot is in NO WAY affiliated with By downloading , purchasing or using our product, you fully agree to abide by Instagram’s terms of service.

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